L'Immigrato Poster

Can ingenuity and sheer determination keep a family alive? Three brothers explore their rural village, gathering and poaching food. Their imaginations run wild, an escape from the poverty of their upbringing. But this is South Italy, WW2. Some things can not be dreamt away and nothing will ever be the same for them again. A powerful snippet into the harsh lives of a generation forced to abandon their childhood and dreams.


BLINKERS is a short film about how much we miss when we are wrapped up in our own world. It’s about the cracks that we don’t see splitting in the rollercoaster that is modern life and how two experiences of one evening can be drastically different.


ABI is trapped in an abusive relationship, but the arrival of new neighbour GRACE helps ignite a fight in her that she long ago forget she had. Can ABI free herself from this perpetuating cycle?

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