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A Collection of Characters


The impetus behind this project was placing familiar family characters into a heightened underworld. 

Think Disney's Snow White, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean meets Sin City, Pulp Fiction.

This project was in conjunction with Renaissance Hair Art Team.

“It [film photography] must give the appearance of genius to very ordinary people.” - NY Times 1936

The models are all young people from various areas in Suffolk. Inspired by the smoke and mirrors of film we wanted to feature those who would never normally be captured in this stylised way.

Artistic inspiration for the composition of the shots was drawn from The Golden Age of Hollywood Portraiture. We also leaned into Film Noir for the style and mood we wanted to evoke in the sets, The use of stark lighting and the depth of the shadows to create a moody disenchantment. 

Our team worked over a couple of months to build the individualistic looks using make-up, hair, wigs and hair pieces. Each model had a specific colour palette and was prepped in such a way that they could then be set, light and composed like a painting/ still life. This set up in itself was the product, shooting it simply capturing the moment and the edit was focused solely on the colour grade. 


Nicole Brennan

Morgan Clarke

Gemma Delegate

Lily Hanley-Pitcher

Jacob Pitcher

Alex Wyatt


ARTISTIC LEAD - Renaissance Hair Art Team

DIRECTOR - Sophia Capasso


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