Sophia Capasso is a British/ Italian Filmmaker and Visual Artist based between London and Suffolk. 


There is nothing else in this world she would rather do, which is a shame because she thinks she’d have had an easier ride if she just went into accounting like her mother suggested! 


Sophia moved to London at eighteen, after simultaneously finishing her A-Levels and a hairdressing apprenticeship. She had a place at Central St. Martin’s to study fine art and A* A-Levels but decided to pursue a career in acting...


After building a decent screen acting career, honestly Google her, Sophia moved into filmmaking and visual story telling because she did not want to wait for permission to tell compelling stories. 


Sophia works as an artistic director for film and photography, showrunning the entire operation; from concept/ script to breaking down the financials and drawing up storyboards, editing stills, building a cohesive team and, of course, ensuring everyone is well fed. 

Recording the lives of those who are forgotten/overlooked is what drives her. She wants the 80%, the underdogs, the grafters who prop the world up without thanks, to see themselves reflected on screen or in print. Within her work you will see highlighted the recurring themes of women/ sisterhood, broken systems and family heritage.

Sophia Capasso Spotlight CV